Cleantechnica overview of climate Launchpad 2017 Startup Spotlight, with commets from CEO Nazar Shymone-Davyda and COO Lyubov Artemenko below.


To support the startups that make it into the Grand Final, the Climate Launchpad team has assembled an impressive lineup of mentors, trainers, and national leaders to help nurture their ideas, creations, and dreams from seed to fruition — watered and fed by a groundswell of energy and passion to solve the climate change crisis, especially through these annual Climate Launchpad events.

The Go To-U team has built a solution that makes charging at public EV charging stations much easier by adding the reservation option. The ability to lock in a location to charge makes charging one less thing to worry about on road trips or around town and allows drivers to enjoy the trip instead of worrying about whether or not the charger will be available when they get there.

We didn’t stop there, and added a tie-in to nearby businesses that allows plug-in vehicle drivers to book services at the same time. For example, when you drive across the country in your EV, you regularly want to stop off for a meal or for a hotel. Go To-U partners with these types of businesses and more allow drivers to book a charging station and a table at the restaurant or a room at a hotel at the same time. It’s a natural synergy that just makes sense to do in a single app.

In fact, gas stations do this very same thing, selling petrol as a loss leader — or at a very slim profit margin — as a means of luring customers into the convenience store to buy a coffee and a snack, items they make higher margins on.

To find more information about the Go To-U service, head over to the official Go To-U website, and use mobile App.To-U to find the chargers near you.

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