30 kW
111 hp
176 km
145 km/h
Max speed

The KIA Soul EV is the first successful electric car of the Korean brand. Possessing an attractive design, boasting decent features, and built on a conventional model, it is more up-to-date and technologically advanced. Although it competes in the electric hatchback niche, it has many features of a compact SUV--which it actually is--like high clearance, a spacious interior, and a soft suspension that welcomes surprises even in poor road conditions.


111 hp
Acceleration 0-100 km/h
11.2 s
176 km
Battery capacity
30 kW
AC charger
6.6 kW
DC charger
CHAdeMO, 50 kW
Charging time from socket (220V)
8 h
AC charging time
5 h
Fast charging time to 80%
30 min
285 Нm
145 km/h
Wheel drive
Front-wheel drive
Body type
Number of doors
Number of seats
4140 mm
1801 mm
1600 mm
150 mm
Curb weight
1565 kg
Trunk volume
280 l

The Electric Soul, in general, follows the styling of the traditional hatchback but still has a number of differences - another "drawing" of lighting, a large overlay instead of a radiator grill, redesigned bumpers and 16-inch aerodynamic wheels.

The exterior dimensions of the electric car are identical to the dimensions of an ICE KIA Soul: 13.6 ft long, 5.9 ft wide and 5.3 ft tall. The wheelbase of the Korean electric hatchback measures 8.4 ft with a clearance of 5 ft.

Compact SUV
On-board computer
Functional car
Ventilated seats option

The KIA Soul EV interior differs from the standard model only with changes in several buttons, color design, and finishing materials. There is plenty of space for the driver and passengers, although it is slightly smaller at the foot of the back seats than the traditional Soul. The luggage compartment volume varies from 8.8 to 31.4 cu ft, depending on the position of the backrest, and under the false floor, there are the repair kit and wires for charging from an in-home network or "fast" charger.

The moving power behind the KIA Soul EV is a 111-hp electric motor generating 285 Nm of torque, which is coupled to a gearbox and front-wheel drive transmission. The engine is powered by a 27 kWh polymer lithium-ion battery, delivering up to a 93 mi range without recharging. However, at the end of 2017, the car upgraded to a 30 kWh battery, already enough for 106 mi.

KIA Soul EVs can accelerate to 62 mph in 11.2 seconds, reaching a top speed of 90 mph. The electric Soul can be charged from regular 220V sockets, and a full battery charging cycle will take 10 hours. From the 380V station, the electric car will be charged in just 4 hours. Charging to 80% from a Chademo takes only 30 minutes.

The electric car comes standard with heated front seats and steering wheel, a multimedia center, climate control, 16-inch wheels, a quick charge port, an onboard 6.6 kW charger, parktronics, and other useful features.

In general, the KIA Soul EV is a practical car for the city and the suburbs. It is quiet, comfortable, spacious and requires minimum maintenance. Plus, it is inexpensive.