28 kW
120 hp
190 km
160 km/h
Max speed

The Ioniq Electric became the first production electric car of Korean carmaker Hyundai. By design, the Hyundai Ioniq Electric is a compact hatchback. Its length is 4.47 meters and the wheelbase is 2.7 meters. The car has an unusual design - a bit futuristic, but quite ordinary in general. The Ioniq Electric is well designed aerodynamically with a drag coefficient of only 0.24. Its alloy wheels even have a special shape designed to "blow" the airflow. The attention to detail and quality of the car make it one of the most energy-efficient electric vehicles in the world.


120 hp
Acceleration 0-100 km/h
9.9 s
192 km
Battery capacity
28 kW
AC charger
6.6 kW
DC charger
CCS Combo 2, 50 kW
Charging time from socket (220V)
9-14 h
AC charging time
5 h
Fast charging time to 80%
25-30 min
295 Нm
165 km/h
Wheel drive
Front-wheel drive
Body type
Number of doors
Number of seats
4470 mm
1821 mm
1450 mm
140 mm
Curb weight
1420 kg
Trunk volume
455 l

The Hyundai Ioniq Electric stands out with its solid grill. So where all other electric cars have a fake radiator grill, there is a plastic panel that harmonizes perfectly with the LED headlights. The rear optics are also LED, but not completely since LEDs are used in the lower segment, and ordinary lights are installed above.

The interior is spacious, designed for five passengers. The luggage compartment is quite voluminous and varies from 15.9 to 49.4 cu ft depending on the position of the back seats.

The owner's communication with the car's systems links through a high-quality color 8-inch touchscreen that shows a wide range of travel data, including speed, power consumption, power reserve, and charge level. The display style changes depending on the travel mode - Normal, Eco or Sport. As an additional option, the hatchback owner can purchase the Live app for smartphone or tablet to remotely control the car's systems.

On-board computer
Extraordinary energy efficiency
Practical and contemporary interior
Attractive design

The motor output is 120 hp and the maximum torque is 295 Nm. The battery is powered by a 28kWh battery, which in real life runs roughly 118 mi. Acceleration from zero to 62 mph takes 9.9 seconds, and the car's maximum speed is 100 mi. Ioniq is one of the few electric cars with a sport mode which makes the car faster than in eco or normal mode. .

At an AC station, you can charge the battery in 5 hours. Where there are no such stations, it is possible to charge from a regular socket, in which case Ioniq Electric gets a 100% charge in about 12 hours. So if who put the car on charge in the evening, will find it fully charged by morning.

The Hyundai Ioniq Electric also has good safety systems. It is equipped with seven airbags: two front, two side, two side curtains, and one driver's knee. Cameras installed check the road markings to hold the car in its lane with the help of systems and warn with a visual or audible signal if the driver approaches the edge of the lane without the turn signal.

In addition, the adaptive cruise control found in the top options enhances safety while maintaining a certain distance to the car ahead, automatically reducing or increasing the speed to a predetermined limit, according to driving conditions.

To sum up, Hyundai Ioniq is a stylish electric car that can surely meet the needs of families living in the big city or even in the suburbs. Comfort, quality, innovation, and attractive design will all make you think about buying Ioniq as your only or second car.