24 kW
113 hp
130 km
137 km/h
Max speed

Stylish, bright, compact - the perfect eco-friendly city car. This is the Italian electric hatchback Fiat 500e. Externally, the Fiat 500e is a bit different from its ICE-bro, and this is obvious - due to its "romantic" design, this model has won a huge fan base. The lack of major changes was intended by the company's designers, who wanted to emphasize its "urban" nature rather than its environmental friendliness. The main thing that differs in the electric version is a less aggressive air intake in the bumper, just like in the rest of the EV tradition.


113 hp
Acceleration 0-100 km/h
11 s
130 km
Battery capacity
24 kW
AC charger
6.6 kW
Charging time from socket (220V)
7-8 h
AC charging time
4 h
200 Нm
137 km/h
Wheel drive
Front-wheel drive
Body type
Number of doors
Number of seats
Trunk volume
198 l
Curb weight
1565 kg
1355 mm
3617 mm
1628 mm
1527 mm

The dynamic performance of the Fiat 500e is quite good: 10 seconds from 0 to 62 mph and an 85 mph max. speed. This performance is provided by a 111 hp motor, producing 200 Nm of torque. 24 kWh of battery charge provides about a 140 km range. The power of the internal charger is 6.6 kW, so a driver can fully charge the battery from a 220-volt socket in 7-8 hours. A fast changer will fill the battery in 4 hours.

Stylish design
Driving dynamics
Compact city electric car
Four seats

There is plenty of room in the front seats for drivers of all body types and heights. With a wide range of adjustments, someone tall can still find the best fit with sufficient space their legs. However, one should also consider the rear passengers, for which space and is quite limited because of the batteries located in the back of the car. The trunk is also small, which is no wonder for compact city car.

Inside, the Fiat 500e looks a lot like the original ICE hatchback. The control panel is digital and displays the typical vehicle operation data: range, energy consumption, and battery charge. In the center, there can be either a small multimedia screen with navigation or a monochrome display with USB, CD, DVD, MP3, depending on the configuration.

The electric car is also well equipped. The basic version offers:

  • full electric package;
  • side mirror heating;
  • cruise control;
  • leather steering wheel;
  • rear view mirror with automatic dimming;
  • satellite radio.

In terms of safety, it meets the highest standards of the modern car industry. The active safety package includes anti-lock braking systems (ABS), electric stability control (ESP), and traction control. Passive safety features include a set of front and side airbags for front passengers, as well as knee airbags and active front headrests. Parking sensors are included in the basic version of the car to automatically signal this silent car's approach to pedestrians in a potential danger zone. The Fiat 500e's brake system provides a complete stop of the electric car from 62 mph speed at a distance of 132 ft.

This makes the Fiat 500e a great choice for drivers who want to get a stylish electric car at a reasonable price. Although it's rather compact, it will cover most of the needs that may arise in city conditions.