22 kW
170 hp
130 km
150 km/h
Max speed

In this model, engineers have carefully thought through all the car's aspects. Each detail perfectly performs its function. The design was based on the LifeDrive architecture: the model is positioned as a spacious, lightweight and safe vehicle. The use of carbon and aluminum reduces the car's weight while ensuring passenger safety in collisions.


170 hp
Acceleration 0-100 km/h
7.2 s
130 km
Battery capacity
22 kW
AC charger
7.4 kW
DC charger
Combo, 50 kW
Charging time from socket (220V)
7-8 h
AC charging time
3-4 h
The time of quick charging battery to 80%
30 min
250 Нm
150 km/h
Trunk volume
260 l
Wheel drive
Rear wheel drive
Number of doors
Number of seats

In the Rex version, a gasoline generator charges the battery, so you can overcome even long distances with absolute ease. The 125-kW rear-wheel drive BMW i3 electric motor delivers 170 hp and 250 Nm of torque. In addition, the i3 boasts excellent driving dynamics - just 7.2 seconds to 62 mph. The ride height of the BMW i3 is reminiscent of a mini SUV or minivan. Car dimensions: 3998 mm in length, 1775 mm in width, and 1577 mm in height. The BMW i3 is unusual from any angle and has many unique details. Highlights include the large U-shaped LED front dimensions and seamlessly integrated taillights. The BMW i3 cannot be confused with any other car.

Futuristic design
On-board computer
Carbon body
Driving dynamics and comfortable turning radius

The BMW i3 uses a wide range of high-tech and network services to enhance security. Driving Assistant Plus is an optional collision avoidance package that can automatically maintain speed and keep distance with the car ahead.

But i3 boasts more than just a branded electric motor and the innovative LifeDrive design. The car is equipped with an excellent energy recovery system, which has high power, and in many cases allows us to operate the car with only one pedal.

The Eco Pro mode deserves special attention since in this activated mode the car will consume the minimum energy needed. In particular, if you activate the Eco Pro with the gas pedal pressed, the control system will not exceed a certain limit of energy consumption, allocating the minimum energy supply to climate control. Moreover, due to the excellent aerodynamics of the wheels, airflow resistance while driving is minimized.

Modern functionality enables the driver to keep in touch with the car even at a distance. With a mobile phone, drivers can check the car's location, monitor battery power, and see the availability of nearby charging stations.