55 kW
272 hp
340 km
225 km/h
Max speed

This EV revolutionized the car world. An outstanding model in the Tesla lineup that has filled the niche of widely available sedans. This car is designed to change the perception of what a driver can take for granted in an EV. Its acceleration dynamics is 3.7 seconds in the Performance version or 4.9 seconds in the Long Range version. The Model 3 also has a glass roof, autopilot system, and smartphone control.

The interior of the Model 3 was designed in the minimalistic spirit: here you won't find the usual mechanical switches or dashboards. Only the emergency indicator, the turn signals and the windshield wiper activator remain mechanical, though they can also be activated from the display. The rest of the car's system and controls is totally monitored with a huge 15-inch touchscreen.


AC charging
4-5 h
Wheel drive
Rear wheel drive/All-wheel drive
5.9 s
Charging from Supercharger
30 min
The best selling sedan in the USA
Official European guarantee
The standard EU high-speed CCS port
The safest sedan