Electric vehicles

Electric cars burst into our lives like a breath of fresh air among the gray internal combustion engine routine. New models of electric cars are created every day, and existing ones are improved. You've probably heard a lot about EVs, but let's remember the main advantages of these cars of the future.

Advantages of electric vehicles

Time saving

Yes, despite the myths about long charging, with an electric car you can even save time. For instance, choosing a shopping mall with an electric charger, you can refill your car battery while shopping. Also, now a lot of chargers are being installed near offices, residential complexes, restaurants, SPA, etc. So there is no need to waste your free time on charging.

Money saving

Everyone has heard about this advantage of electric cars, but we will remind them once again. For example, even if you charge an electric car at a paid DC station, 100 "electric" kilometers will still cost several times cheaper than the same 100 km by a car with an internal combustion engine (ICE). In addition, the electric car has much fewer moving parts, so you definitely do not have to visit a car service as often as with an ICE. Replacement of oil, spark plugs, filters, etc. - it's all in the past! And if you still need a professional inspection of an electric car, we can provide recommendations for specialized car services in your city.

Ecological component

Indeed, after leaving an assembly line, the electric vehicle becomes the most environmentally friendly car available today. Yes, getting electricity from power plants also produces emissions, but there is an alternative - solar panels. There is no "green" alternative to ICE cars refueling, and everyone knows about the harm of smog without further explanation.

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What is important when choosing an electric car

Among the variety of electric car brands and models, it is sometimes so hard to make the best choice. Range, battery capacity, charging ports (connectors), AC and DC charging, the price of the electric car - these are just a few of the many factors to consider when choosing an EV.

Hard to choose?

If you have already decided to switch to an electric car, but still have doubts about which one to choose - we will be happy to help! In this section, you can view the prices of electric cars, read the characteristics of the most popular models, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages, and, finally, buy the electric car of your dreams.