GO TO-U strives to provide simple, reliable and comfortable EV charging service. That is why we are constantly increasing the number of charging stations available for reservation and active monitoring being the unique features of our app. Many charging point operators are already connected to the GO TO-U platform, in particular Wien Energie.

Wien Energie is the largest energy supplier in Austria annually delivering about 23 TWh of electricity, as well as significant volumes of natural gas and district heating. The company particularly focuses on the development of the charging infrastructure, and today its network includes almost 2,000 charging stations at more than 700 locations. The capacity of Wien Energie chargers varies from 11 to 60 kW.

All Wien Energie charging points are located in Austria: in order to provide the most efficient and high-quality services, the company works on developing the network exclusively within its own country. About half of the chargers is located in Vienna. Moreover, approximately 60% of all charging stations situated in the Austrian capital today are Wien Energie chargers.

Wien Energie started their EV charging stations business back in 2017. Three years later, in the summer of 2021, the company reported that its stations were used 320,000 times.

Thanks to the GO TO-U app, EV owners or lessees can easily find Wien Energie stations (on the map or via the search box), filter them by power and connector type, monitor their activity and make reservations. Charging session payment and activation can be done immediately in a few clicks (due to the multi-currency wallet function).

The GO TO-U app is available for both Android and iOS devices. All you need to use it is to download, install and create a personal account.

Dec 9, 2022
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