We are sure that many of you are curious about this.

It's no secret that there are many high-speed charging stations. Then why should EV drivers pay attention to GO TO-U chargers? Moreover: why should businesses be interested in investing in the stations of this platform?

Let's take a brief look at this.

The declared power equals the real one

Yes, the high-speed stations of the GO TO-U platform really charge EVs with the power specified in the app. And it's not just an advantage - it's one of the critical factors for electric car drivers. Remark: you need to consider the maximum power your car can take, as this limitation is an important point when choosing a charger. You can read more here.



Charger booking as a crucial function for the driver

Electric vehicle owners pay great attention to the charging time planning. Therefore, the ability to book a charger and "refill" the battery at the scheduled time is a huge advantage! And for the owner of the charging station, this turns into a higher efficiency of his investment: the more drivers will charge during the day/week/month, the shorter is the payback period of this station.

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Stylish and conveniently arranged locations

If you have already seen photos with our fast chargers before (or seen them for yourself) - you will definitely not forget them! We pay a lot of attention to the locations’ arrangement, as it is not only about aesthetics, but also about convenience: the "for EV only" sign and even the marking of parking lots for charging from different connectors for sure make life easier for the EV drivers. And, of course, each charger has a QR code (in case you don’t have the app installed yet), step-by-step charging instruction, as well as the phone number of our 24/7 technical support.

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Reliable equipment

We will keep emphasizing to both car owners and potential business partners how important the safety of equipment is. The charging stations GO TO-U platform works with, have all the necessary European certificates of quality and conformity, and are recognized by electric vehicle manufacturers (who often use them in their factories).

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Integrated approach

In this matter, we have long been ahead of manufacturers and distributors of charging stations. The word "platform" means that we do not just provide a mobile app or sell chargers. We have all the tools to connect the interests of electric vehicle drivers and businesses that own charging stations. Thus, we create benefits for everyone involved in the charging process.


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Apr 5, 2021
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