In Ukraine, GO TO-U is one of the winners of Climate Innovation Vouchers – an initiative led by the EBRD and funded by the European Union to help agents of change, at the early stages to bring their innovative climate technologies to fruition.

Climate problems, and global warming, in particular, have become acute in recent years.

It is no secret that almost a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions come from the automotive industry.

Fortunately, the number of electric cars in Ukraine is growing every day, as is the need for convenient infrastructure. The GO TO-U platform is an innovative software solution for responsible drivers, that brings together more than 300,000 charging stations in 47 countries.

You can read more about the unique service and trends in low-carbon mobility on the EBRD website: 

*Since 2017, the EBRD and the European Union have been helping companies bring their ideas to life. Climate Innovation Vouchers offer grant funding of up to €50,000 for each idea and have enabled dozens of companies to invest in research and development, certification, testing, information technology, and more.

Dec 2, 2021
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