Even in the hard times of the global pandemic, we keep working intensively. Only the expansion of the fast-charging stations' network is a stable foundation for e-mobility development. The issue of driving within the city can be easily "closed" by home charging or recharging in leisure places (the GO TO-U app offers handy filters for navigating the available chargers nearby).

The trips of more than 100 km are a whole different story. It is very important to consider a few points:

- route;

- charging stations availability;

- charging time;

- charging duration.

We have emphasized time and duration separately for a reason, as it is one thing to find a charging station in the application and navigate to it. But an entirely different thing is the charger availability upon arrival and the actual time when the car is charging. And GO TO-U copes with it perfectly.

All fast-charging stations on our map have a reservation option - no one will be able to use this charger (in this case - one of the 3 connectors you have reserved) at the time you booked.

And no less important is the charging duration.

Even if you have a clearly planned trip, booked chargers along the way, you still want to spend the charging time most usefully. Therefore, when developing a platform, we pay much attention to the charging station's location. These should be places where the driver can spend 15 to 40 minutes with the opportunity to eat, shop, take children to the entertainment room, and so on.

In the last month, we have added three locations with fast-charging stations on the map.

The fast-charging station delivers up to 120 kW of power (via 2 DC connectors simultaneously) and 22 kW via AC Type 2 connector. In addition, the location offers 3 KEBA charging stations with a capacity of 22 kW each. So, in total, up to 6 cars can charge here simultaneously. The mall has many shops, a gym, a supermarket, a play area for children, a food court, etc. - which means that the charging time will just fly by for you.

SPARTAK shopping mall.

The station has up to 100 kW of charging power (via 2 DC connectors simultaneously), plus 22 kW via the Type 2 AC connector. The mall has clothing and footwear stores, a supermarket, and restaurants, so spend your time with pleasure and benefit.

Dastor shopping mall.

The car company providing a range of services: delivery, customs clearance, certification, car registration.

For the convenience of existing and potential EV drivers, WEST AUTO HUB has installed a fast-charging station with 50 kW. Here you can simultaneously charge 1 car via DC connector (CCS 2 or CHAdeMO) and 1 car via AC connector (Type 2 cable is tethered to the charger).


Follow our news, as we are working at adding new convenient locations for fast charging with premium service from GO TO-U.

Apr 14, 2021
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