The unique feature of the GO TO-U mobile app allows EV owners to book charging stations in advance, thus avoiding queues. Thus, it makes driving an electric car not only more convenient, but safer for the owner. This conclusion arises from a recent incident in Germany.

According to, the other day in Berlin, two owners of electric cars had a conflict trying to share the charger in the parking lot near the mall, and the conflict was not limited at a verbal altercation. Both men stood in line for "refilling" their EVs, but could not decide which of them should "plug in" first. As a result, one of them could not cope with his emotions and hit his opponent twice.

Police immediately arrived at the scene and detained the brawler, now he faces punishment for the attack. As for the victim, he got a minor facial injury.

Obviously, this situation would not have arisen if the EV owners used the GO TO-U app (using it, one can specify the exact time when he wants to charge his car - in fact, it's like a pass-ticket, which saves time and negates the possibility of a dispute and conflict).

Note that the GO TO-U app covers over 65,000 charging stations in 47 countries. You can download it on both iOS and Android devices.



Aug 25, 2020
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