The GO TO-U app features a new function - My Impact. This function allows users to track how exactly they care for the environment and save fuel (and, consequently, money) by replacing a petrol car for an electric car.

How Does It Work?

Relying on the charging sessions data, the system automatically calculates the number of kilometers traveled on EV and offers the following indicators:

  • Gasoline avoided (meaning how many liters of fuel were saved due to driving an electric car);
  • Saved money (as you know, charging is much cheaper (or even free sometimes) compared to gasoline, diesel and gas, so using an EV definitely saves your money and can be regarded as income);
  • CO2 Reduced in tons (shows how much exhaust gas was not released into the atmosphere due to the use of an EV);
  • Trees Planted (demonstrates how many trees were exempted from absorbing CO2 that a similar gasoline car could emit).

You can find this function in the Profile section. Information about the contribution to the environmental protection and fuel/money savings is displayed in the corresponding windows in real time and updated for each user separately, based on their personal experience of using an EV.

How Is It Calculated?

Note: some of the provided figures are for example only, the actual values may vary depending on many factors – the cost of fuel, charging, currency exchange rate, etc.

Gasoline Avoided

It is calculated as the distance traveled by the car multiplied by the average fuel consumption of the internal combustion engine. For instance, this figure is 8 liters per 100 km for a sedan and 14 liters per 100 km for a crossover.

Saved Money

Say, the car has traveled 10,000 km. If we take a sedan with a fuel consumption of 8 liters/100 km, then this distance would cost 41,600 UAH (8 liters x 100 x 52 - if the cost of gasoline is 52 UAH per 1 liter). At the same time, charging an EV will cost several times less. 

CO2 Reduced

The calculation is based on the following formula: mileage X average CO2 emissions per 1 km (for passenger cars). That is, for 10,000 km with an average emission of 145.6 g of CO2 / km, the average sedan will release 1,456,000 G (almost 1.5 tons) of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Trees Planted

The number of trees "planted" is basically the amount of trees that do not have to absorb CO2 due to an EV user. On average, one tree absorbs 22 kg of carbon dioxide per year. If the average amount of CO2 emissions is 145.6 g of CO2 / km, with a mileage of 10,000 km, 66 trees will be “planted” per year (calculated according to the formula: car mileage X average CO2 emissions ÷ the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by one tree).

What Is It For?

With the My Impact function, the GO TO-U platform aims to clearly show users what benefits they bring both for themselves and the environment if they use an electric car. Also, the new technology is designed to associate and EV charging with an even more positive experience.

Jul 8, 2022
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