As of 2021, KEBA sold more than 250,000 wall chargers, securing a place among the largest manufacturers of electric vehicle charging stations.

"With the manufacture of intelligent and sustainable charging solutions, KEBA is the Austrian expert in a thriving industry" - said Christoph Nogler, CEO KEBA Energy Automation. In his Energy Automation division, the Austrian automation expert KEBA AG develops and manufactures charging stations and heating control systems.

Over 10 years of successful production

KEBA is not only a recognized manufacturer of charging stations. The company has been successfully operating in this sector for more than 10 years now and is an innovator in the field of EV charging infrastructure.

What is remarkable about the company is its own electronics development and production. This vertical integration ensures the highest level of quality, maximum safety, and reliability. With a clear focus on sustainability, components for charging stations are also supplied at the regional level as far as possible, which has a positive impact on CO2 emissions.

Over 250,000 wallboxes - from Austria to the whole world

The number of charging stations produced to date is proof of how well KEBA's electric mobility division has developed: in early 2021, the company crossed the 250,000 wallbox sales mark. It makes KEBA one of the largest wallbox manufacturers in Europe. The equipment is manufactured in Linz, Austria.

Demand for KEBA charging solutions grows constantly as more and more people choose electric cars. For example, according to an ACEA report, in 2020, about 300% more BEV (battery electric vehicle) PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) were registered in Europe than in the previous year. This trend will persist in 2021. So the prospects for the Austrian manufacturer are very good.

About KEBA Electric Mobility

KEBA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of smart charging stations. The company was founded in 1968, and began manufacturing goods for the electric transportation industry 10 years ago, making it a wallbox production pioneer. With the KeContact P30 charger, electric cars can be charged safely and reliably. Thanks to a variety of interfaces, it is possible to create a network that makes the wallbox a highly intelligent communication and control center. Thus, it can be easily integrated into smart home and management systems and coupled with photovoltaic systems.



Apr 30, 2021
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