For most people, a charging station location is only about an EV charging point, as far as such places have no amenities. This is truly a problem. In fact, an EV owner should feel comfortable and safe while charging.

Let's be honest: this is a priority for charging point operators and owners. After all, the concept of "customer loyalty" remains relevant.

That is why the GO TO-U team decided to make a list of tips for improving the charging location that should be considered when installing a new charger.

Provide lighting. This is one of the most important elements. During the nighttime, lighting will help connect the EV to the charger quickly, and EV drivers / owners will feel safer. In the end, they should feel that they are at an infrastructure facility (e.g. a gas station), but not some suspicious place. Location lighting is not only a matter of comfort, but also of personal safety.

Install the signs. If the charging location is located in a remote or inconspicuous place, make sure that users can easily find it. Therefore, it is recommended to install appropriate signs at the nearest turn, turnoff, fork / crossroads (i.e. in places where the customer can get lost). Such a sign can be a plate with the brand name, the "EV charger" inscription, an arrow indicating the driving direction and the remaining distance in meters.

Road markings is everything. The charging location should look like a well-defined parking space or even an EV parking lot, which is exactly what the marking will help with. First, due to the markings on the road surface, the location will be easy to notice. Secondly, the markings should emphasize that this place is for EV parking only, so that it is not occupied by ICE car owners. Thirdly, it makes both the location and brand look more reliable.

A nice driveway also matters. Make sure that the road surface both at the location itself and near it (at the driveway) is in good condition. There should be no potholes and pits – believe us, in case of such defects, EV owners will not likely to return to the location. And in case their car is damaged, conflicts and showdowns are almost inevitable.

Provide Internet access. If possible, equip the location with a Wi-Fi access point. This will be a good advantage, because not all EV owners will be able to access the network, e.g. the EV drivers from other countries.

A coffee machine - why not? If there are no companies that can offer the EV drivers their services while charging, you can install a self-service coffee machine (if the appropriate resources are available). The drivers will be able to charge their EVs with greater comfort.

Digitalization also matters. There are more and more EVs on the roads, and therefore queues at the charging stations become a common situation. To avoid them, we recommend that you join the GO TO-U platform, whose app allows you, among other things, to reserve a charger for a certain time and day.

Sep 1, 2022
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