To make the EV experience more comfortable and the charging process more convenient, GO TO-U does its best to connect new operators to the app. So, in collaboration with the largest roaming platform Hubject, the charging stations of the European operator Greenway have been recently added to the app.

The company has two branches - GreenWay Poland and GreenWay Slovakia, which are responsible for the development of the new and maintenance of the existing charging network in Poland and Slovakia. The GreenWay network includes:

  • 713 charging stations with a capacity of 22-175 kW in Poland;
  • 266 charging stations with a capacity of 22-150 kW in Slovakia.

Using the GO TO-U app, EV owners and rental customers can easily find GreenWay stations (on the map or with the help of the search box), monitor their activity and make reservations. The charging sessions can be activated and paid for in a few clicks (due to the multi-currency wallet function).

As a reminder, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Install GO TO-U on your smartphone to save money and take care of the environment.

About GreenWay

The company was founded in 2011 in Bratislava (Slovakia). It aims “to find ways to influence the renewable energy sector in the region.” Over the years, the operator has taken a leading position in the EV market, and now its tasks have become more global: GreenWay strives to make electric cars the best option for transportation in Central and Eastern Europe. GreenWay is growing rapidly, creating and maintaining a comprehensive nationwide electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Poland and Slovakia. For more information, visit 

Jul 27, 2022
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