The rapid adoption of electric vehicles around the world carries with it the massive challenge of figuring out how to keep them all charged up. There is no question that the grid can handle the additional loads of EV charging at scale, but a slew of issues exist when we zoom in on the problem.

As a leader in the global EV charging space, with operations in Ukraine, Thailand, the UK and beyond, the team at GO TO-U stepped up to lead the development of new solutions. What better way to rally the troops than to kick off a hackathon to solve the wide range of software, hardware, infrastructure, and city planning challenges to implementing robust EV charging?

In a single city, developing EV charging solutions is difficult, but we need to enable the adoption of electric vehicles everywhere in the world as rapidly as possible. Electric vehicles are not only superior to legacy petrol vehicles, it is imperative the world reduce transportation emissions as quickly as possible to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

The 24-hour hackathon brings together a wide range of coders, engineers, city planners, and motivated solutioneers to identify and build solutions in the EV charging space.



Nov 10, 2020
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