GO TO-U strives to ensure maximum comfort, simplicity and reliability for the seamless EV charging experience. That is why we are delighted to announce that one more charging stations operator - the British provider Osprey - is now available in the GO TO-U app. This was made possible due to our collaboration with Hubject, the largest roaming platform.

Osprey is one of the largest charging station operators in the UK. The company offers chargers with the power from 11 to 175 kW, which are available all around the country. These are both free and chargeable devices. As of July 2022, there are 706 charging points available.

Osprey's special feature is that all charging stations are powered exclusively by renewable energy sources, so drivers can contribute not only to environmentally friendly transport, but also to clean energy.

With the GO TO-U mobile app, the EV drivers can easily find Osprey charging stations, monitor the chargers statuses and reserve them. Using the multicurrency wallet system, drivers can activate and pay for charging sessions.

Download the GO TO-U mobile app on your Android and iOS devices and be eco-friendly with us!

Learn more about Osprey

Osprey is one of the fastest growing EV charging station networks in the UK aiming at installing the fast chargers in convenient and strategic locations, such as city centers and major highways. As of now, the Osprey network offers more than 165 charging points located in different parts of the UK. Each charging point has at least four chargers and the terminals are always equipped with CCS and CHAdeMO connectors (for direct current charging) ensuring compatibility with all new models of electric vehicles. Most chargers have 50 kW of power, but the company is constantly working on installing more powerful charging stations. For more information, visit https://ospreycharging.co.uk/more/

Jul 13, 2022
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