If you've recently bought your first electric car or are about to do it, it's high time to get acquainted with the GO TO-U app unless you've done it already! GO TO-U is a smart assistant that will not only help you use your car easier, but also make this process more convenient and even fun!

What can GO TO-U do and what makes it unique?

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The app aims to create maximum comfort and save an EV driver's time while charging their electric car. GO TO-U allows you to quickly and conveniently find EV charging stations (using a map or a search box in the app) and reserve them for a certain time in a few clicks. Notably, you can reserve both the nearest charger and the one located at a distance of, let's say, 100, 500 or even 1000 km far from you.

But GO TO-U is not only about charging! The map in the GO TO-U app will show you restaurants, cafes, cinemas and even shopping malls, whose parking lots are equipped with EV chargers. Thus, while reserving a charger, the EV driver can also book a hotel room or a table in a cafe.

Another important feature of the GO TO-U app is that it works 24/7 and is constantly updated. That is why, if some charger happens to be broken, the EV driver will be informed about it and, respectively, will be able to choose an alternative charging solution.

Which countries are covered by the GO TO-U app?

The GO TO-U app covers several hundred charging stations all over Ukraine - in the West, East, North, and South (just open the app map to check it).  However, if you decide to travel abroad with your EV, our app will surely come in handy and support you. In fact, GO TO-U operates in 47 countries, including the following: Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, France, Finland, Czech Republic, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Latvia, Thailand, and many others. Just imagine, at the beginning of 2021, the GO TO-U app has featured 17,000 locations and more than 300,000 charge points from the best charging network operators in Europe, North America, and Asia!

What charge points are connected to GO TO-U?

Most chargers featured in GO TO-U are AC charge points with a capacity of up to 22 kW (AC) that fully charge your EV in an average of 3-4 hours (depending on your car model and battery capacity). But the best part is that most of these chargers are completely free (available for free for everybody or for customers of a certain company).

The GO TO-U app also features more powerful chargers with a capacity of 50 kW (DC). In this case, you have to pay for charging, but it's important to remember that such high-speed chargers will allow you to reduce the charging time by more than 2 hours. 

Location: King Cross Leopolis shopping mall, Lviv

Moreover, the GO TO-U platform has recently started the installation of super-fast 120 kW chargers! You see, such equipment will quickly charge your EV while you’re enjoying a cup of coffee! 

Speaking about Europe, there you can reserve even more powerful chargers: for instance, it can be a 300 kW charger from European charging networks, such as IONITY, MOVE, Osprey, Greenway Slovakia, etc. At the same time, the chargers can be filtered by EV charging connectors (Type 1, Type 2, Tesla Supercharger, CCS Combo Type 1 or Type 2, CHAdeMO) as well as charging power (2-7 kW, 11-22 kW, 50+ kW, 120+ kW).

What other cool features does the app have?

GO TO-U offers a wide range of bonuses, loyalty programs and gifts, as well as a store with the best product offers for EV owners.

What platforms does GO TO-U work on?

Location: Victoria Gardens shopping mall, Lviv

It doesn't matter what smartphone you have - the GO TO-U app is available for both Android and IOS. If you have Android, you can download the app from the Play Market, if you use Apple products, the app will be available in the App Store. So feel free to download and try it out – we are sure you will enjoy it!

Source: tesla-club.com.ua

Feb 18, 2022
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