Los Angeles / Bucharest, 17th August 2020

GO TO-U and Smart Business & Technologies Solutions (EVConnect.ro) have just announced the cooperation in Romania. The joint approach aims to provide a seamless EV charging experience for drivers of electric vehicles and site owners of the EVconnect.ro charging network.

EVconnect.ro is a leading charging network in Romania, deploying and operating EV charging stations since 2014. By the end of 2021, EVconnect.ro aims to grow its network up to 200 charging stations, including ultra-fast chargers till 300 KW. EVconnect.ro has established partnerships with major city municipalities, retail, hospitality businesses, as well as key commercial centres, including AFI, SHOPPING CITY, CORA HYPERMARCHE, IULIUS MALL and other important clients.

GO TO-U is the global digital experience platform for e-mobility, which brings a seamless EV charging experience with comfort, confidence, and simplicity. GO TO-U offers unique reservation features, allowing drivers to easily find, reserve, and navigate to EVconnect.ro charging stations. EV charging management and control of the charging network will run via GO TO-U software to guarantee connected and hassle-free experience.

“Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular in Romania. EVconnect.ro covers the charging needs of drivers in various locations, offering AC (22 kW) and DC fast (50 kW) charging stations. EVconnect.ro provides installation, maintenance of the charging equipment and is delighted to team up with GO TO-U to enable a full spectrum of digital services to our clients. This includes the usage of Mobile application GO TO-U and Back Office GO TO-U products”, said Mihai Dragos, CEO of EVConnect.ro.

GO TO-U platform is constantly growing and we are delighted to partner with the leading charging networks, such as EVconnect.ro. We believe that our joint cooperation will facilitate EV adoption in Romania, delivering a seamless EV charging experience”, said Nazar Shymone-Davyda, CEO of GO TO-U.


For more information on GO TO-U, please visit www.go-tou.com 

ABOUT EVconnect.ro

For more information on EVconnect.ro, please visit https://evconnect.ro

Aug 17, 2020
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