GO TO-U and ALTERN Launch Cooperation to Provide a Seamless EV Charging Services in Malta

GO TO-U and ALTERN have just announced the cooperation that will enable forward-thinking businesses to equip their parking places with AC and DC charging stations and connect them to the GO TO-U platform for EV charging management and operations. This joint approach aims to support numerous businesses in Malta to undergo e-mobility transformation over the coming years.

ALTERN was founded over 12 years ago with the objective to tackle issues related to energy and sustainability. The company’s main goal has always been to promote cost effective measures that can be easily implemented, leading to immediate improvements in energy dependence on conventional sources of energy.  Through an ecosystem of products and services and a strong team of technical individuals, Altern strives to provide solutions that are both financially and environmentally sustainable.  With unique solutions ranging from custom built LED lighting, building-integrated photovoltaic and energy storage solutions, the next step looks at empowering electric car charger owners across the island, with the aim of making them more financially feasible, and thus improve technology uptake.

ALTERN is an official distributor of certified EV charging equipment that can be easily connected to the GO TO-U platform that helps to control, maintain and monetize charging infrastructure. The first charging stations are already installed and connected to the platform at Altern’s head office in Paola, with more being rolled out in the coming weeks.

EV charger owners can now easily join the platform to have their chargers available to the public and EV drivers can easily find charging stations, book charging sessions and pay with a mobile application. GO TO-U mobile application is available for IOS and Android

“We see a growing demand on the market for smart EV charging solutions. We are very happy to work with GO TO-U platform that can tailor the solution according to the customers needs and preferences,” said Matthew Spiteri, Managing Director at ALTERN Limited.

“We are excited to work with ALTERN to unlock the potential of low-carbon mobility. We look forward to making the process of charging electric vehicles a seamless experience in Malta, ” said Nazar Shymone-Davyda, CEO of GO TO-U.

In the coming months, ALTERN expects to install charging stations in a number of locations in Malta, as well as having existing charger systems joining the platform. Stay tuned for updates!


GO TO-U is a platform for EV charging management and operations, which brings a seamless EV charging experience with comfort, confidence and simplicity. GO TO-U offers unique reservation features, allowing drivers of electric vehicles to book EV charging stations in advance together with access to facilities and services while charging. GO TO-U increases traffic to charging locations providing a boost to customer experience and loyalty. 

For more information on GO TO-U, please visit go-tou.com 


Altern offers expertise within the sustainable energy sector, with focus on Energy Auditing, Energy Management, Solar Energy and Storage, LED Lighting, and Electric Vehicle Charging.  The team of technical individuals, works to exploit all the current environmental momentum to disseminate information and solutions related to environmental sustainability.

Altern aims to offer products and services at every stage of a project lifecycle. Through its constant innovation and close cooperation with its partners, the organization has managed to set itself apart, offering added-value consultancy, designing unique sustainable energy systems, and manufacturing a range of its products locally.

For more information on ALTERN, please visit altern.mt

Apr 26, 2022
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