There are only a few days left until the New Year 2023. So, it's time to sum up the results of our work over the past 12 months.

This year we have done our best to ensure that our project is growing steadily and helping the charging infrastructure, EV owners and CPOs.

GO TO-U enters 2023 with the following indicators:

  • 330,000 trusted EV chargers
  • 17,500 handpicked places
  • 47 countries

Among the key features of the GO TO-U app is the unique reservation function — a technology that allows EV drivers to schedule a charging session in advance and charge up at a convenient time, which helps reduce the waiting period and improve the EV experience in general. In addition, in 2022, we introduced several updates to make our product even more convenient.

What are the biggest 2022 updates?

Charging session editing. EV drivers can charge up without any fuss, as now they've got an opportunity to edit the charging session settings remotely - basically, there is no need to be near the charging station to make the necessary changes.

Support 24/7. It became easier to contact us through the app. Customers can write to us via any convenient messengers, e.g. Telegram, Viber, Messenger (Facebook), Whatsapp. You need to click on the corresponding function in the main menu. Customer support is provided 24/7. 

My Impact function. We thought that drivers would be interested to know how their EV driving experience helps benefit the environment and save money on fuel, so we added the corresponding feature to our app. My Impact allows EV drivers to see how exactly they care about the environment and save fuel (and, accordingly, money) by shifting to EV from the ordinary ICE car.  Using charging session data, the system automatically counts the number of kilometers traveled and generates indicators, such as gasoline avoided, trees "planted", etc. 

Online shop. In our branded shop, the EV drivers can buy souvenirs, coupons, charging stations and accessories for electric cars. The online shop is already available in many countries. 

New login. You don't need to spend a lot of time verifying your account via social media, email, or phone number. The update makes things much easier - to log in, you only need to confirm your login by phone number.

User profile. We have structured this section to make it more user-friendly. Now you can find the following information in the User profile: User ID that can be copied to the clipboard (this field can't be edited), Basic information (first and last name of the user, DOB (this field is edited), Car information (EV brand and model, license plate (this field is edited), contact details of the user (phone number and email (only the email field is edited).

Active monitoring. When taking long-distance EV trips, the drivers often face the situations when the charging stations, where they have previously planned to recharge their cars, turn out to be occupied. To avoid such situations, the GO TO-U app offers a unique charging station reservation function, i. e. a certain charger can be booked for a specific day and time. However, we can't directly control all chargers available in our system — primarily, this is about the chargers connected to the roaming platform. That is why the GO TO-U team has developed a unique monitoring system for charges connected to the Hubject roaming platform. The function allows the user to monitor the status of the charging station online. Like the reservation function, active monitoring helps you save one of the most precious human resources – time. 

Map Legend. We have also updated the Map Legend page providing the following data: designation of the connector type on the map, maximum power, etc. Our update is focused mainly on the design i.e. the page looks more attractive and up-to-date.

"Invite friend". Now you can invite your friend to try our app. To do this, you just need to copy the link to the app in the app itself and send it to your friend. A new user doesn't need to spend time searching for the app and installing it. The person who sent the link, as well as their friend, will receive bonuses. 

"Share location". We've also added a feature for a user to share their location with a friend who also uses the GO TO-U app. A friend just needs to click on the link that will redirect them to your location. Now it's much easier to plan a meeting. 

Multiple charging reservation. This function can be used if the charging location has at least four chargers of the same type, so the system redirects the user to the charger that is free in the selected time period. The goal is to avoid searching for an available charger from the list of charging stations. By the way, in 2021 we added Fast Track - a quick start function that initiates the charging process immediately after the EV arrives at the location without a prior reservation.

Time Picker. Another new function that allows you to switch charging station connectors directly within a single session (if there are several) as part of a reservation.

As you can see, we have introduced really massive improvements - more than ten in total. Many features of our app have been updated, but our goal remains the same — we keep improving the experience of using charging stations and make life of an EV driver pleasant, comfortable and easy. Nevertheless, many plans are still ahead, so stay tuned!

Dec 28, 2022
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