Today much has been said about software for cars and, especially, EVs since the latter are considered the most technologically advanced means of transport. Still, there’s also EV charging management software that is no less essential. What's more, without it, EV charging would be impossible!

So, let's discuss this topic in a bit more detail.

What is EV Charging Management Software and What is it Used for?

Imagine that you have a parking lot and you would like to monetize it to the fullest. You already have a paid parking service, but you can earn extra income by installing an EV charger. Or you own, let's say, a restaurant with a parking lot, and you would like to make your place more attractive by providing a charging service. 

Ok, the charger has been installed. What's next? How would you manage a charging process, set up payment and avoid queues?  This is what the EV charging management system is designed for. It aims to turn the charger into a "living" device which could function and be managed.

However, it's not that simple. The software can be either simple or very complex. The first type includes billing solutions whose maximum functions are to start/finish charging and charge a payment for the service. But the second type comprises comprehensive solutions, such as the Back Office management system and the GO TO-U app, which offer a wide range of functions for EV charging station owners and Charge Point Operators (CPO) as well as for EV drivers. 

A comprehensive EV software solution will help you remotely monitor the device status, manage station settings, adjust charging, control and manage tariffs and payments, keep records of electricity consumption, monitor malfunctions and technical condition. 

In addition, it will allow you to:

  • identify users (a person, time and charging duration);
  • ensure mutual settlement between all stakeholders;
  • keep a record and submit reports for all interested parties (e.g. partners);
  • unite charging stations into a single network;
  • set up user marketing and remarketing (this service is available exclusively in the GO TO-U app).

Similarly, the EV owner can enjoy comprehensive EV charging management software in the professional mobile app that will significantly simplify the charging process. In the GO TO-U app, you can see the charging station locations on the map, find the necessary charger (filter by an charge point operator, power, connector type), check out the tariffs, reserve a charger (a unique option), create a route, make a payment and enjoy various loyalty programs. 

Benefits of EV Charging Management Software

  • automation of the most time-consuming processes (automation of data input and output, receiving monthly reports - it doesn't need to be done manually);
  • intuitive interface for charger/charging station management (the staff doesn't need any professional training);
  • unified and quick communication between all stakeholders (no more emails, phone calls, etc.);
  • faster installation, maintenance, and data collection (you can schedule an inspection of a charging station and/or notify technicians of problems or malfunctions).
  • opportunity to get real-time status data at each charging station;
  • reduce energy costs by optimizing the charging process and minimizing downtime at charging points;
  • opportunity to easily add new charging stations to the list and disable old ones;
  • simplified search for a charging station for an EV owner; general usability
  • 24/7 customer support, as seemingly trivial questions may arise: e.g. which connector should be used etc.


CPOs should have an appropriate software, if they want to have a full control over their charging stations and provide excellent service. Charge point operators and owners can track the charger status (its availability); see a person and charging duration at a certain location; calculate the amount of energy used and kilowatts consumed at a particular time; remotely manage the charging locations; plan future updates for each charging point. The software can also be used for connecting a charger or charging network to special platforms, which will increase customer flow and the profitability of a charging station. 

The charging station manufacturers and sellers also benefit from using the software, as the unique solution (charging networks + software) offered by them is important for the final owners of the chargers — CPOs or individual owners of the charging stations (shopping malls, shopping and entertainment centers, business centers and other businesses that install the charger at their service locations).

In such case, the EV users can enjoy seamless charging and become loyal customers. Moreover, their successful charging experience is the key to the increasing number of EV owners who switch from the ICE cars to the electric cars. 

Aug 18, 2022
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