Every year, more and more electric cars can be seen on the streets of different cities around the world. Europe proves to be a leader in this field.

At the end of 2020, there were 10 million EVs in total: the "Old World" countries accounted for almost a third – 3.2 million cars (Asia – 4.2 million, North America, respectively – 1.7 million).

The above figures were provided as part of a study conducted by analysts at the Munich IAA Mobility show. They counted all electric cars registered since 2010. A crucial detail: the statistics included all chargeable cars, i.e. both EVs and plug-in hybrids.

In addition, the researchers compiled a list of TOP-5 European countries by the number of EVs:

  1. Germany: 702,981;
  2. United Kingdom: 447,486;
  3. Norway 433 609;
  4. France 413 212;
  5. Sweden: 212,500.

However, there were up to already 1 million EVs in Germany in August 2022. As you can see, the demand is growing at an insane pace.

Here's another curious statistics – number of electric cars in Europe per thousand inhabitants.

 According to this criterion, the leaders are:

  1. Norway: 81 electric vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants (world leader);
  2. Iceland: 36.8 per 1000;
  3. Sweden: 20,6 на 1000.

By the way, Germany has much lower figure – 8.5 EVs per 1000 inhabitants. But it is significantly higher than, say, in the United States (5.2) and China (3.0).

In which European countries the share of registered electric vehicles will reach 99% by 2035?

Let's look at the following figures - the forecast of the share of registered EVs of all new cars in Europe by 2035. The study was prepared by the British financial services comparison platform Confused.com. The forecast was based on publicly available data from the European Environment Agency (EEA) on new cars registered in 30 EU countries in 2010-2020. Data on Norway for the period from 2013 to 2019 was taken from Eurostat. And here are the results:

  1. Netherlands 99.90%
  2. Norway: 99.90%
  3. Sweden: 80.35%
  4. Denmark: 54.51%
  5.  Portugal: 51.86%
  6. Germany: 51.68%
  7. Luxembourg: 47.30%
  8. France: 43.43%
  9. Ireland: 41.44%
  10. Austria: 40.84%
  11. Finland: 38.18%
  12. Malta: 33.28%
  13. Slovenia: 29.93%
  14. Latvia: 28.90%
  15. Croatia: 28.25%

As you can see, three Scandinavian countries – Norway, Sweden and Denmark – have taken a lead. By 2035, the share of EVs registered in these countries will be more than 80%, and in the first two – 99%.

At the same time, in each of the 15 leading European countries, the EVs will constitute at least one third of all registered cars. According to forecasts, in the top 6 leading European countries EVs will account for half of all new registered cars by 2035.

Oct 31, 2022
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