Thanks to cooperation with the Hubject roaming platform, the GO TO-U app is being constantly replenished with the new charging station operators. Recently, the chargers of the European charging giant Enbw have become available to EV users in our app.

Enbw focuses on the development of charging infrastructure in Central Europe.The company's network includes more than 300,000 charging locations in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Italy, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. The great advantage of this operator is the availability of the charging locations in the border areas. These are, in particular, charging points located on the borders between Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland, as well as between Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

In addition, Enbw specializes in high-speed charging stations (complexes with a capacity of up to 300 kW): there are 700 such chargers in Germany, and by 2025 the company will have installed up to 2,500 stations. In December 2021, a big event took place: in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region (Germany), Enbw opened a charging megacompark, which can charge 52 EVs at once! Annually, the company invests 100,000,000 EUR in the development of their network.

Due to the GO TO-U app, using these chargers becomes even more comfortable and easier. EV owners or lessees can easily find Enbw stations in the app (on the map or using the search box), monitor their activity and make reservations. The charging sessions can be activated and paid for in a few clicks.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. 

Oct 6, 2022
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