GO TO-U is a technology company that offers a complete end-to-end digital solution for charge point operators. We specialize in the destination charging segment and workplace charging solutions take a special place in our offer.

GO TO-U technology helps businesses to introduce hassle-free EV charging for employees, guests, and visitors. Our offer includes a Back Office system for EV charging management and a mobile application for EV drivers. GO TO-U enables operators to:

  • Optimize assets utilization 

Optimize utilization of EV charging stations and their operational performance with advance reservation and proactive scheduling technology.

  • Reduce OPEX

Cut time and costs associated with management of charging sessions, onboarding drivers, collecting payments, organizing reports.

Let's deep dive into the GO TO-U offering.

An insight into a comprehensive GO TO-U solution for companies, employees and operators

GO TO-U platform is the only solution on the market that helps to predict and optimize the utilization of EV charging stations.

With reservation technology at its core, GO TO-U enables operators to provide full visibility and real-time information about the charging station's workload. This means that operators display not just a charger status “busy” or “free”. The dynamic reservation system indicates how long the charging station will be occupied (down to the minute) and allow drivers to book a specific time slot up to 7 days in advance.

The state of art mobile application makes the whole process for EV drivers a truly seamless experience. The sessions are easy to plan, schedule, and reschedule. 

GO TO-U reservation helps employees to save time, avoid queues and uncertainty by reserving charging time in advance.

GO TO-U platform is hardware-agnostic, so operators can connect AC and DC charging stations from different brands for monitoring and management, in particular:  

  • Сharging sessions management;
  • Access management: creating groups with different access levels;
  • Price management: setting different prices depending on the access level/day / time.

Management of EV drivers' experience (employees/fleet drivers/visitors) becomes hassle-free including onboarding/deboarding, billing, reviewing, and responding to comments.

GO TO-U helps operators to collect real-time and historical data; generate and export reports. GO TO-U solution is labeled by the Solar Impulse Foundation. So we help not only to analyze data about the charging process: per user, station, location, and time. We help customers to track the amount of the reduced CO2 emissions.

Our goal is to make EV charging simpler, more efficient, and more sustainable. That is why GO TO-U software can be integrated chargers with local energy load management systems. This helps to reduce peak consumption and contributes to grid stability.

We are very proud to deliver our solution to ABB - the global leader in EV charging solutions. Here is what Adrian Wachholz, Head of ABB E-mobility for Switzerland said: “As a global leader in EV charging solutions, we are always looking for new innovations which add further value for our customers. We have therefore been delighted to partner with GO TO-U to bring their charging management and operation platform in to use across the EV chargers installed at a number of our own ABB facilities.

“The ability to digitally manage charger access and reservations not only enables us to optimize the utilization of our chargers but also generates cost efficiencies and the ability to further evolve our strategy on charger roll out based on insight and data. We look forward to continued collaboration with GO TO-U on this solution moving forward.”

If you would like to learn more about the GO TO-U solution for workplace charging, do not hesitate to contact us via contact@go-tou.com

Dec 13, 2022
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