The Hubject roaming platform and the GO TO-U company keep developing the infrastructure for seamless charging and comfortable EV use: from now on, Eniwa charging stations are available in our app.

Eniwa is a Swiss energy company that contributes, in particular, to the development of electric mobility. Today, there are 80 Eniwa stations at 33 locations in Switzerland. These are both AC (up to 22 kW) and DC (up to 100 kW) chargers.

Notably, Eniwa chargers are powered by renewable energy sources. The Eniwa hydroelectric power plant, set on the Aare River, provides electricity to 75% of the stations, and the remaining 25% are powered by regional solar systems.

With the GO TO-U app, EV owners or lessees can easily find Eniwa stations (on our map or using the search box), filter them by power and connector type, monitor their activity, and make reservations. Moreover, a charging station can be activated and paid for immediately in just a few clicks (due to the multi-currency wallet function).

The GO TO-U app is available for both Android and iOS devices. To try it, you only need to download it, install, and create a personal account.

About Eniwa

Eniwa is a regional (represented in a number of Swiss cantons) energy company headquartered in Buchs, Switzerland. The company offers a wide range of energy services related to electricity, natural gas / biogas, hydrogen, water and heat supply, etc. The company has 300 employees. 

Eniwa's main areas of work are energy production and water supply, as well as operation of electricity supply networks, natural gas/biogas, district heating/cooling supply and operation of water supply networks. Eniwa has been active in telecommunications, mobility, engineering systems, infrastructure development and energy recovery. The company also invests in the production of energy from renewable sources, i.e. wind and solar energy. 

To learn more about Eniwa, visit:

Sep 22, 2022
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