GO TO-U strives to ensure reliable, comfortable and seamless EV charging, which is why the number of charging stations available in our mobile app keeps growing. To our platform providing access to 330,000 chargers at 17,500 locations in 64 countries. Among them is Compleo charging station operator from Europe. 

Compleo is a German company founded in 2009. Compleo specializes in the production of  branded charging stations installed in private homes and  residential complexes, near offices and recreation areas (shopping centers, cinemas, restaurants). The company sells its stations to individuals and legal entities (including charging station operators), and develops its own charging network. Compleo offers wall chargers (22 kW), AC charging stations (2 x 22 kW) and DC chargers (50 kW + 200 kW), which together form the so-called " Big Five”, i.e. the most popular stations for various purposes. 

Compleo's public charging station network features around 10,900 charges at more than 4,300 locations in Germany. All of these chargers can be found on the map in the GO TO-U app. In addition, they are available for Active Monitoring.

With the Active Monitoring function, users can track the status of the necessary charging station in real time for 12 hours. One can monitor up to 3 chargers at once. The function is quite simple: when users activate charging station monitoring, they receive notifications about changes in the connector status (free/busy). Therefore, drivers who need to charge up their EV can adjust the time and travel route in advance, saving one of the most valuable resources - time. 

The GO TO-U app can be downloaded from Play Market (for Android smartphones) and App Store (for iOS gadgets).

Mar 14, 2023
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