To contribute to the global development of the EV charging infrastructure, GO TO-U continues to seek cooperation with the new operators. Thus, due to the support of the largest roaming platform Hubject, the Allego charging stations have recently been added to our app.

The Allego network is quite large: these are 28 thousand charging stations at almost 12 thousand locations in Western Europe. Its chargers could be found in 15 countries: Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain, Italy and others. There are 15 countries in total.

As of mid-2022, Allego has provided EV drivers with 1.5 billion "electric kilometers".

With the help of the GO TO-U app, EV owners or lessees can easily find the Allego stations (on a map or using the search box), filter them by power and connector type, monitor their activity, and make reservations. Activating and paying for a charging session is very easy and convenient: due to the multi-currency wallet function, you can do it immediately in a few clicks.

The GO TO-U app is available for both Android and iOS devices. To use the app, you only need to download it, install it, and create a personal account.

GO TO-U strives to ensure maximum comfort, simplicity and reliability for seamless EV charging. We believe that EV roaming will improve the availability of charging stations and provide EV drivers with a few more benefits. 

 About Allego

Allego was founded in the Netherlands in 2013. This company is developing quite rapidly: for 5 years of activity, the Allego charging stations network has covered the whole of Europe. The company offers intelligent solutions for charging electric vehicles, buses and trucks for private consumers, cities, businesses. To learn more about the brand, visit:

Sep 29, 2022
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