Most EV owners occasionally wonder where they can charge their cars here and now. On the one hand, there are quite a lot of public charging stations. In addition, there are services greatly facilitating the use of charging stations, particularly the GO TO-U app, which helps both find and reserve the necessary charger.

However, there are never too many charges: the number of EVs is growing fast and the EV infrastructure sometimes cannot keep up with such a quick pace. For instance, as of November 2021, in the Netherlands, 1 public charger has accounted for 4 EVs. In Poland, this figure is even higher - 7 EVs for 1 charger. Not mention the fact that certain chargers are not always convenient to use. That is why EV charging stations should be installed at workplaces.

What does it mean? Chargers are located in parking lots near offices, warehouses or manufacturing enterprises. Such an initiative is a total plus for both EV drivers and business owners.

Advantages of Charging Stations at Workplace for EV Drivers

Here everything is clear: while the EV owner or driver is working, their car is being charged. And, most importantly, everything is within reach. So, you don't have to waste your time looking for a charger and, most importantly, wait for the car to charge up. In addition, your EV is before your eyes, and, therefore, it is very unlikely to be damaged.

The average working day lasts 8 hours - during this time, the electric car can be fully charged. For sure, it all depends on the charge power, the EV power range and the number of EV drivers simultaneously charging at the workplace station. At any rate, you will manage to charge you car for the daily travel. For example, if you connect the Nissan Leaf 2nd generation to a 22-kW device for 1 hour, its battery will be charged for about 100-150 km of mileage.

Advantages of Charging Stations at the Workplace for Business Owners

There are also a bunch of benefits as well. 

First of all, the installed EV charging station contributes to the eco-friendliness of the enterprise and makes it "green". In this way, the charging point owners take care of the environment and ensure a safe future.

The presence of the charging station can motivate employees, who drive petrol or diesel cars, to switch to EVs. It also contributes to the decision to purchase an EV - especially for those who do not have an opportunity to charge their car at home.

Secondly, installing a charging station is all about caring for employees. Most innovative and successful companies do everything possible to maximize the comfort of their staff. Thus, if some of the employees drive an EV, they will be really grateful for an opportunity to charge up at work. The same will be true for the partners, who use the electric car for their daily needs and can visit your office for a business meeting.

After all, it is beneficial for the business itself: the presence of the charging station increases performance. The workers do not have to think about where and how to charge their EVs, because they are already charging at their workplace! At the same time, the available charging station makes a company (office) a more attractive, comfortable, and practical place to work at. The EV owners often choose a workplace with an available charger nearby considering it an important way of taking care of their needs on part of the employer.

GO TO-U Solutions for Managing and Using Chargers at the Workplace

The GO TO-U platform provides a number of solutions and benefits for both EV drivers and businesses. In addition to the installation of the charging stations, GO TO-U provides services for connecting and managing chargers with the help of unique software granting full access to charging station data and providing remote control of the charging process. Everything is done automatically which greatly facilitates the use of the station for all stakeholders.

The comprehensive software solution for managing and using charging stations comprises Back Office GO TO-U and the GO TO-U mobile app. 

Back Office GO TO-U gives the full access to charging station data, remotely manages charging process, creates a multi-level access system (for example, one can establish special prices for employees or free / paid charging for other visitors), and provides a number of marketing tools for attracting and winning back customers.

The GO TO-U mobile app  and its unique reservation function will help you optimize the charging station's operating time, for all company's employees to be able to charge up without queues and misunderstandings that will significantly save your time.

We already have a lot of partners who are happy to integrate GO TO-U solutions into their businesses. For example, Adrian Wachholz, Head of ABB E-mobility for Switzerland, shared his positive impressions of our recent cooperation:

“As a global leader in EV charging solutions, we are always looking for new innovations which add further value for our customers. We have therefore been delighted to partner with GO TO-U to bring their charging management and operation platform in to use across the EV chargers installed at a number of our own ABB facilities.

“The ability to digitally manage charger access and reservations not only enables us to optimize the utilization of our chargers but also generates cost efficiencies and the ability to further evolve our strategy on charger roll out based on insight and data. We look forward to continued collaboration with GO TO-U on this solution moving forward.”

You can buy a charging station from GO TO-U or, if you already have one, connect it to our platform. 

Dec 7, 2022
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