To make EV charging even more convenient and trip planning more reliable, the GO TO-U team has developed a new active monitoring function for the app.

Now you can monitor the status of the charging station online.

When taking long-distance EV trips, the drivers often face the situations when the charging stations, where they have previously planned to recharge their cars, turn out to be occupied. 

To avoid such incidents, the GO TO-U app offers a unique charging station reservation function, i. e. a certain charger can be booked for a specific day and time. However, this opportunity is not available for all charging stations in our system (e. g. chargers connected to the roaming platform cannot be reserved through our platform).

That is why the GO TO-U team has developed a unique system for monitoring chargers connected to the Hubject roaming platform. This function will help you save one of the most precious human resources - time.

The monitoring works quite simply - when the user activates monitoring, he/she receives notifications about the current connector status (available/occupied). Thus, the driver planning to charge at a certain station can fix the travel route in advance.

The user can monitor up to 3 stations at once. The station can be monitored for up to 12 hours.

About 300,000 charging stations in 47 countries around the world are available on the GO TO-U app. The platform supports both Android and iOS devices and, therefore, can be downloaded from the Play Market and the App Store.

Nov 17, 2022
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