We have fantastic news: the launch of the first 320 kW charging station in Ukraine! This is a genuinely incredible capacity, which enables you to recharge your car in a flash! The charging station is located at the Porsche Center Kyiv Airport. Let us tell you about the location and the station itself in some detail.

Porsche Center Kyiv Airport is Ukraine’s largest official Porsche dealership, and one of Central and Eastern Europe, with its own facilities, which offers a full range of services associated with the sale of Porsche cars, original spare parts and accessories, and maintenance and repair. Porsche Center Kyiv Airport is part of the Winner group in Ukraine. The construction of the Center started in March 2012, and the new dealership welcomed its first visitors in January 2014. The showroom has an area of 1,056 sq. m and the service area – 1,494 sq. m. The showroom display includes 12 cars, representing the entire available model range and cars using the options of the Porsche Exclusive range. The dealership has a 41-strong staff that can provide top-level service throughout the car purchase and maintenance process.

Customer service support is provided by a fully-equipped modern Porsche car service center. New service equipment, 13 lifts, including two diagnostic maintenance stations and a wheel camber control station, a spare parts warehouse, and highly qualified personnel regularly trained under Porsche AG programs, combined with personalized service and close attention to the customer’s wishes, enables us to carry out warranty repairs, maintenance and any other works meeting Porsche’s top-quality standards with the best convenience to the customer. The dealership can service at least 26 Porsche cars of any model and year of manufacture daily.

Porsche Center Kyiv Airport operates lounge areas for a comfortable experience of customers: a concept-designed Porsche Café located in the vibrant area of the ground floor and Porsche Lounge Zone, a separate customer area on the first floor with a panoramic view of the showroom.

While their parents are busy with car configuration or a test drive, the youngest visitors of the dealership may enjoy spending time in our kids’ space.

The location of the Porsche Center Kyiv Airport along the airport expressway ensures convenient transport accessibility of the dealership center for customers. It enables customers to more effectively test the vast available demo fleet of cars offered by the dealership during test drives.

The dealership’s customers may benefit from the continuously operating Porsche Airport Service program. A customer leaving for a trip may bring their car to the service center for seasonal inspections, warranty, or repair works. In addition to that, the dealership provides a transfer to and from the Boryspil Airport and guarantees the car’s safety for the time of the owner’s absence.

Focusing on the future, Kyiv Airport Porsche Center has designed and implemented an infrastructure for the sale and service of electric vehicles. To the dynamic electric car market fans, we offer a charging station, which may charge two cars simultaneously through the CCS Combo 2 connectors. The capacity (or rather super-capacity) of the station is a fantastic 320 kW! Kilowatts may be fed through one connector (320 kW) or distributed between them: for example, 160 kW on each, or if 200 kW is provided through one connector, the maximum capacity available on the other connector will be 120 kW (of course, if it is compatible with the car battery capability – learn more here). Porsche owners may use the charging station absolutely free of charge! To achieve the maximum WOW effect, here is a brief example:

Porsche Taycan, with a battery capacity of 93.4 kWh, may be charged from 0 to 80% in just 20 (!!!) minutes, which is sufficient for an up to 400 km ride.

Kyiv Airport Porsche Center chose GO TO-U among a host of operators for the quality of the software support of high-speed stations! So now, Porsche electric car owners can plan their time even more efficiently by reserving a charging station slot via the GO TO-U mobile app.

This project is a true breakthrough in high-speed charging, which demonstrates that electric cars are the future! If you are the owner of an electric Porsche, feel free to enjoy the premium benefits from Kyiv Airport Porsche Center and GO TO-U!


Sep 2, 2021
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