It is no secret that we at GO TO-U are huge fans of electric cars. And now we will name 10 reasons why your next car should be electric.

1. It will save you time

Exactly! Despite the myths about long charging time, there is a high probability that thanks to EV you will save it. For instance, when you come to a restaurant, gym, cinema, etc., you leave the car to charge while you spend time at the location. If you only charge at home - even more so, the battery will be "saturated" 100% overnight.

You charge your computer, phone, and tablet each (or almost each) day, right? Can you imagine if they worked on petrol and you would have to take them to the gas station? It’s anything but convenient, agree. That’s why the ability to "be on the go", regardless of the presence of nearby gas stations gives a great advantage to EV drivers.

2. Healthy lungs, heart, and nervous system

A recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO) found that air pollution causes 3 million premature deaths a year worldwide. This includes multiple pollution types, but one of its biggest sources is definitely petrol and diesel vehicles.

There is evidence that air pollution from road transport in OECD countries "costs" about $ 1 trillion spent on health damage limitation (cancer, premature death, asthma, heart attacks, etc.).

Air pollution also has harmful effects on the brain, in particular on cognitive abilities (perception, memory, concept formation, problem solving, imagination, and logic).

3. You want the safest car in the world, right?

Do you take care of your family and your own life? Do you want the car to best protect you in case of an accident? There is such a car - Tesla Model S.

Maybe you have a big family and need an SUV? Then it's Tesla Model X. The fact is, Tesla cars have the best safety performance on the market.

Do you want the safest car in the world for up to $ 40,000? Then it’s obviously Tesla Model 3. It all depends on the configuration. Here we can also help and answer all your questions.

4. Nobody likes to spend too much on petrol

We have repeatedly emphasized the economy of electric vehicles. Therefore, just a brief reminder: the cost of petrol spent on a distance of 100 km is on average 10 times higher than the cost of electricity to charge EV for the same distance.

In addition, the money saved on petrol can be used for other useful things: family vacations, education for children, home repairs, including investment in the future - the installation of solar panels for the house heating and lighting, as well as for charging the same electric car.

5. "Electric car" sounds cool and even futuristic

Yes, for many people it is still something completely unknown, so the phrase "I drive an electric car" will at least make them think and ask questions. And doesn't anyone like to look progressive?

6. Celebrities also switch to EV

Exactly! Akon, Oprah, Ben Affleck, James Cameron, Beyonce & Jay Z, Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, Cameron Diaz, Steven Spielberg - they all already drive Tesla.

For example, Akon once said that he already had 28 premium cars, but he eventually replaced all of them…. except for 4 (!!!) Tesla cars - because they are irreplaceable.

7. Convenient places to charge EV

Most gas stations are not suitable for a long stay (and some are not even in proper sanitary and aesthetic condition). Yet, locations with chargers offer multiple options for spending time: watching movies, lunch with friends, shopping with family, overnight stays, and more. Here we turn back to the advantages described in paragraph 1.

8. Oil change, problems with muffler, transmission, engine….

What other problems did you have with the internal combustion engine? With an EV you can forget about them.

9. You don't really drive that much

Most drivers feel like they are constantly behind the wheel. In fact, this is often a misjudgment as much time is wasted on traffic jams (if you drive within the city). Therefore, if you count the kilometers driven per day, the number will be much less than you thought. And then it’ll be easy to estimate that an ICE car can be easily replaced by an EV - its range will be more than enough, the main point is to successfully pick up all the necessary parameters.

10. Your children will appreciate you

In 20-30 years, when the catastrophic ecological situation becomes even more obvious, our children will have a single question: “Why didn't you act faster? Why didn't you take measures to preserve the environment?”. Now is the best time to start taking your first steps and develop eco-awareness. A clean future is a matter for each of us because no policy or large-scale action will work if we do not start thinking independently and rationally.

Jan 4, 2021
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