Map data ©2021 GeoBasis-DE/BKG (©2009), Google, Inst. Geogr. Nacional
50 km 
Map data ©2021 GeoBasis-DE/BKG (©2009), Google, Inst. Geogr. Nacional
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The location's smart chargers are unoccupied
The location's charging stations are without an online connection, but do have virtual reservation
The location's charging stations are occupied
The location's charging stations are under maintenance
The power of the partner's charging station is 2 – 7 kW
The power of the partner's charging station is 11 – 22 kW
The power of the partner's charging station is 50-119 kW
The power of the partner's charging station is 120+ kW
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Charging stations map

As the demand for electric cars grows, so does the need in infrastructure for them. This trend is gaining momentum in recent years, because in the early 2010s, only a few heard about electric vehicles or charging stations. So in due time we started work on developing an infrastructure which would be extremely convenient and effective for EV drivers.
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Clear vizualization

For sure, the best tool for searching places to charge electric cars is a charging stations map. Promoting the Go To-U platform around the world, we place maximum emphasis on ensuring that electric car owners can quickly find what they need on the map. Therefore, we have added a maximum of visualization and filters on the chargers map, allowing you to instantly choose the right type of charging station, access it, see which charger is currently occupied and which is not, view tariffs, and find targeted offers from the charging locations, as it is extremely important for us that you spend a charging time usefully instead of just waiting in the car.
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Reliable charging stations

As of May 2021, the To-U map already had more than 300,000 electric chargers worldwide. The priority when adding chargers to our map is the compliance of these stations with international quality and safety standards. Unfortunately, some of the so-called "EV chargers manufacturers" often neglect safety issues and pretend that uncertified equipment is of high quality and one that can be used to charge electric cars. You will not find such chargers on our map, as we work only with those manufacturers that are recognized and certified by world leaders in the electric vehicles production (for instance, KEBA charging stations are certified by Renault and Nissan, exclusively recommended by Mercedes and Smart, and used by Volvo, Tesla, and BMW).
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Handy filters

Thanks to convenient filters on the charging stations map in our application you can easily choose the required charging power, the type of connector that best suits your electric car, filter paid and free chargers, choose the operator etc. You also have the opportunity to choose the type of location with a charger (hotel, restaurant, entertainment, shopping, etc.), thus planning the charging time.